665 Compact Upholstered Bed
  • 665 Compact Upholstered Bed

665 Compact Upholstered Bed

Manufactured by: De La Espada
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The sought-after upholstered bed is given expert proportions for a design as visually pleasing as it is comfortable. A welcoming refuge at the end of a long week.

Available in American Black Walnut and American White Oak finished with a Danish oil or a white oil and De La Espada's complete range of fabrics.

Solid planks of the highest quality walnut or oak are connected with mortise and tenon joints for beds with stability and support that matches their visual appeal. De La Espada beds have bases made of made from thick solid hardwood slats, placed at frequent intervals. The timber slats give the base a mild flexibility while allowing the mattress to breathe.

  • Queen - W60" x L85.5"
    (fits mattress W60" x L80")
    headboard height: 27.125"

  • King - W76" x L85.5"
    (fits mattress W76" x L80")
    headboard height: 27.125"

  • California King - W73" x L89.375"
    (fits mattress W72" x L84")
    headboard height: 27.125"
Fabric Info:
  • Leather (LE): Soft and supple cowhide leather. Its premium quality is evident through the expansive and naturally consistent hides.

  • Microfiber Suede (MSD): Hardwearing man-made fabric with superfine threads for the lightest and softest pile.

  • Microfiber Silk (MSK): Man-made smooth, silky surface with a unique texture.

  • Velvet (V): Natural cotton velvet with a delicate softness and familiar warmth.

  • Linen (LI): Natural fibers from the stems of the flax plant. Hypo-allergenic with a handwoven, rustic quality that is subtly luxurious and simultaneously utilitarian.

  • Wool (W): Natural wool fabric that is soft, hardwearing and suitable for all climates.
De La Espada timber is sustainably harvested in the United States. The trees on the farms are pruned regularly to allow for consistent grain patterns and fewer knots, ensuring exceptionally strong planks of the highest quality. Mortise and tenon joints, dovetailing and lap joints combined with slow-drying wood glue that seeps deep into the fibers of the solid wood create strong, unbreakable bonds adding long life to every piece of furniture they make.