October Art: Miniature Memories

October 7th, 2011


For the month of October, Digs is proud to present “MINIATURE MEMORIES,” a group show where local artists will recreate a personal memory in miniature scale.

The theme of the show will play off the idea that our memories are usually vague — their details becoming almost dreamlike with time — and the fact that recreating them in miniature scale will focus on these details, whether as they were in reality or how each artist has chosen to remember them. The artists’ personal styles are sure to shine through their choice of subject matter and media chosen.

Opening reception during tonight’s First Friday Art Walk from 6 to 10pm.

September Art at Digs: Pile it On by Cara Jaye

September 2nd, 2011


For the month of September, Digs is proud to host “Pile It On”,  WWU Associate Art Professor Cara Jaye’s series inspired by her three-year-old daughter Coco and her motivational bathroom charts.

Initially, Cara draws a toilet, hands washing, and a toothbrush. Coco puts stickers on the page when she completes her nighttime routine in a way which is developmental, layered, and completely foreign to Cara’s adult sensibility. Once complete, Cara scans the images, manipulates them digitally, and adds new layers of information with various types of ink and paint. The title of the work alludes to Coco’s approach to constructing an image, as well as to feelings of inundation, and a general sense of being overwhelmed.

Opening reception during tonight’s First Friday Art Walk from 6-10pm.

Show us your Digs, Volume 3: Dooce Goes Boom

August 25th, 2011

Last January, we attended the Las Vegas Market for the second time. Usually before a trade show, I dream of being uber-organized — planning out each day, setting aside time to attend lectures and seminars, and drafting up a budget. The next thing I know, I’m on a plane with tons of paperwork to catch up on, magazines to inspire my buying, and an unopened show schedule. This trip was no exception.

When we got to our hotel room, both Ben and I had crossed into the level of hunger that makes trying to form sentences a dangerous feat. Rather than immediately grabbing a snack at one of the many hotel restaurants like a person of sound mind, I decided to flop down on the ridiculously large bed with my iPhone and catch up on a few blogs that I read sporadically. At my first stop, dooce, I found that the site’s creator Heather Armstrong was also in Vegas to speak at a tradeshow. Could it be? A quick look at the market’s lecture schedule confirmed it — I would get to see the creator of the most real, hilarious, well-photographed blog I’d been reading for ten-ish years speak. Live. In person. Whoa.

Afterwards, I’m pretty sure I used every word I ever learned to express my excitement to Ben while he made sweet, sweet love to a sandwich.

On the big day, I cut short one of my sales meetings to run over to the room where the magic was to happen. There she was, like an off-the-charts tall, gorgeous pixie. (Did I already say “whoa”? Whoa.) I proceeded to sit down inches away from her podium and tried to look like I was having only a fraction of the actual number of creepy freaking-out feelings running through my head.

She lectured about the power of the internet — how one blogger’s good or bad reviews could have a ripple effect on a company’s potential customer base. She discussed how blogs can become a networked community of like-minded people who influence each other and their readers. She spoke about being fired from her job in L.A. for blogging about her Prada-addicted boss and the fact that your child will still expect you to change her poopy diaper if you are an award-winning blogger. It was lovely.

Afterward, I had Ben take our photo together so I could immediately post it to Instagram like the geek that I am. She complimented my iPhone case, which I took as an invitation to tell her about our store. I told her we’d love to talk more about the possibility of partnering on a room in her house, and gave her husband Jon my card.

After hauling the same pile of unfinished paperwork BACK from Vegas with me and settling into our regular routine again, I emailed Heather to see if she and Jon were interested in having Digs sponsor an area of their house. Their answer? Hell, yes!

Several months and countless emails between her assistant (also funny and a pleasure to deal with) and I later, and the Armstrong living room is complete (and more than a little bit amazing).

[ … Cue drum roll. ]

The Armstrong Living Room Goes Boom from dooce on Vimeo.

Dooce Entryway

Dooce's Entryway 2

She chose Jonathan Adler‘s Channing Desk in white and Madison & Grow‘s Monique wallpaper for a chic and simple entryway.

Dooce's Living Room

Coffee Table Detail

The living room centers around Adler’s Lampert Sofa in Brussels Charcoal and Bond Coffee Table — both of which Jon has let us know he is “polygamously married to”. The coffee table is topped off with Adler’s large Bird Bowl and Low Bird sculpture.

Facing these are two vintage leather chairs flanking a legged Lola Accent Table.

Behind the sofa, they brought in two Jonathan Adler Nelson Lamps atop his Lacquer Console in white.

They created a reading nook with Outre‘s Addie Chair with Juicy Fruit upholstery, a Brandy Side Table, and Adler’s Radcliffe Étagère (complete with books on Tord Boontje and Olle Eksell).

Roost’s Carved Wood Ibex found a lovely home watching over the Armstrong fireplace.

And, finally, a second Addie Chair was used for extra, comfy seating in their formal dining room, paired with a George Nelson Tripod Lamp and a Blu Dot Lumbar Pillow that compliments Heather’s vintage turquoise glassware perfectly.

It is such a pleasure and honor to have helped create such a gorgeous living space!

For more photos and inspiration, check out dooce.com.

Photos: courtesy of dooce®.

August Art at Digs: Animal Kaleidoscope by Genevieve Gonska

August 4th, 2011

animalkaleidoscopeFor the month of August, Digs is proud to present Animal Kaleidoscope by local artist Genevieve Gonska. These intimate portraits of animals are realized through drawings and transfers with washes of bright acrylic paint on paper. Animal busts are illustrated atop drawings of ornamental plaques capturing each animal’s keen and clever nature, while other drawings glimpse a stolen moment of a creature in its habitat. Playful facets of vivid color shift in this view of animal experience and intellect.

Join us for the opening reception during tomorrow’s First Friday Art Walk, from 6 to 10pm.

Gus* Summer Upholstery Sale Going on Now!

July 13th, 2011


Save 20% on all Gus*Modern Essentials upholstered chairs, sofas, sectionals, and ottomans from July 14th through August 14th!

How to be a Great House Guest

July 1st, 2011

As we head into summer, planning vacations and weekend getaways, it’s a good time to be reminded how to be a great house guest. We’ve gathered some tips below to ensure you’ll be invited back!


1. Don’t overstay your welcome.
Even if your hosts don’t provide specific dates that work best for them, they probably don’t really want you to stay as long as you like.  Listen for hints, “Yes, it’d be great to have you stay a night or two,” and be respectful. If planning a weeklong trip but get the feeling your hosts can only handle a portion of it, arrange to stay elsewhere for the remainder of your visit.

Digs recommends: Our Russell + Hazel Mini Binders are perfect for keeping yourself on track! Add a Mini SmartDate Calendar insert and keep it all on lockdown with their Mini Bands.


2. Pack smart.
You’ll want to keep your belongings to the designated guest room, so plan on packing just the must-haves, remembering practical items like something nice to wear for a dinner out, a bathing suit if you might go swimming, and a sweater for chilly nights. Toting kids too? Be sure to bring along non-intrusive games and activities to keep them busy.

Digs suggests: Our Retro Travel Games make great companions for any trip, providing packable entertainment during layovers and delays, as well as a distraction for kids.


3. Bring a host/hostess gift.
No matter how easy they make it seem, having houseguests usually means a lot of preparation and work for your hosts. Bring along a token of your gratitude to show your appreciation.

Digs suggests: A gorgeously packaged Large Soy Candle from Aquiesse will win you points every time. Or, if time allows, pick up some fresh flowers to pop into one of our stunning vases (shown: Jonathan Adler‘s Vidalia Bud Vase (left) and Vortex Bud Vase (right).

4. Respect the rules.
Even if they aren’t posted, follow your hosts’ lead. See a pile of shoes by the door? Ditch yours there, too.

5. Chip in on chores.
You won’t be expected to landscape the yard, but be sure to help out even when it’s not expected. Lend a hand cutting veggies and loading the dishwasher at the end of meals.


6. Be your own maid.
There’s a reason hotels are expensive, so don’t expect your hosts to offer daily housekeeping service. Make your bed. Hang up your towels. Keep your belongings tidy and out of the way.

Digs suggests: Our Hold It Cases offer a simple, stylish way to stow away belongings, from make-up and accessories to crayons and notepads.

7. Help your kids be great houseguests, too.
Leaving home requires bringing your parenting skills with you. Talk to your kids before you travel about respecting their hosts and what will be expected of them.

8. Don’t make it all about you.
Whether you’re the lone smoker, allergic to animals, or a vegetarian staying in a carnivorous household, remember that it’s not your home. Smoke outside (being sure not to leave butts around). Take your allergy meds. Pack veggie-friendly snacks.

9. Be your own tour guide.
Remember that your hosts will probably have their day-to-day errands and lives to take care of, and they’ve probably seen all the local attractions at least once. If you must see the sights, do them a favor and plan your own outings, remembering to take the kids along.


10. Send a thank-you note after your visit.
If you’ve followed the tips above, I’m sure your visit went well for everyone involved. Be sure to follow up within a week or two with a handwritten thank-you note to let your hosts know how much you enjoyed their hospitality.

Digs suggests: Pinkerton‘s Waves Boxed Thank You Notes evoke the spirit of summer anytime of year.

July Art at Digs: Stolen/Borrowed

July 1st, 2011


We’re proud to present Stolen/Borrowed, a collection of work by Cornish photography student Miles Fortune for the month of July.

Stolen/Borrowed draws from the environment, travel, landscapes, vernacular and found images from literature and other sources. A direction of journalistic photography and practice informs the experimental nature, including use of borrowed cameras, collaboration, variation and unexpected moments captured.

Join us for the opening reception during the First Friday Art Walk tonight, 6-10pm.

To download an Art Walk map, click here.

June Art at Digs: Zoology by Andrea Heimer & Renae Koepke

June 2nd, 2011


For the month of June, we’re proud to host “Zoology,” a collection of mixed media animal portraits by Bellingham artist Andrea Heimer and Seattle painter Renae Koepke.

Heimer, a self-taught artist who has shown her work locally since 2005, presents a playful herd of animals on paper and wood in a loose style reminiscent of the outsider art movement. Koepke presents a colorful group of acrylic portraits — from mammoths to lizards — in her debut art show.

Join us for the opening reception during the First Friday Art Walk, June 3rd from 6-10pm.

To download an Art Walk map, click here.

Dine in Style with Two Sales in May

May 1st, 2011

As summer draws near, many of us find ourselves happily planning get-togethers — the sun will be out, food’s at its finest, and vacationers plan summer visits.


The Dine with Gus* Sale comes just in time for you to spruce up your dining space for such occasions — enjoy 20% off all Gus*Modern dining tables, chairs, stools, benches, storage and accessories through the month of May!


Alessi is also offering an exciting opportunity to save on their dining pieces — dinnerware, cookware, flatware and glassware will all be 20% off from May 1st through May 31st. (Which, I must say, would be the perfect compliment to your new Gus* dining furniture…)

So, let’s kiss those April showers goodbye and get ready to dine in style all summer long!

April Art at Digs

April 1st, 2011


For the month of April, Digs will celebrate the arrival of spring by featuring colorful, large-scale fabric wall hangings by Jennifer McMaster.

Join us for the opening reception during tonight’s First Friday Art Walk from 6-10pm.

To download the Art Walk map, click here.