Fatboy Picnic Lounge
  • Fatboy Picnic Lounge

Fatboy Picnic Lounge

Manufactured by: Fatboy
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With its over-sized appearance and weather-resistant material, the Fatboy Picnic Lounge is a standout piece for any gathering. The Picnic Lounge offers ample space for a picnic or a beach party.

It comes with four over-sized red pins to keep your lounge secure, a brush to keep your space free of sand, and a spot in the middle to place your sun umbrella. The signature Fatboy logo becomes a convenient pocket that provides space for phones and keys, while a specially designed strap allows you to easily roll your Picnic Lounge up and take onto your next adventure.

  • Length: 107 inches
  • Width: 82 inches

Fatboy is an imaginative lifestyle brand that excels in thinking outside the box. Fatboy has been challenging the concept of lifestyle products since 2002, when it set out to create the perfect lounge chair -- designed for fashion, for comfort, and tailored for an unmatched lounging experience.