Liquid Marseille Soap, Fresh Verbena

Manufactured by: Compagnie de Provence
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Do you smell that fresh and invigorating scent of verbena plants in the air?

That sweet-smelling vigor signifies that summer has arrived in Provence.

So, why not start the season off by revitalizing your senses using this distinct, signature blend of fresh-cut verbena leaves, citrus fruits and subtle hints of musk, vanilla and woods?

While the originality and rawness of this lively scent seem uplifting enough to just be the refreshing summer air, this brisk, vitalizing scent is actually something we’ve created and bottled using all-natural ingredients. Now, doesn’t that sound like a dreamy scented soap aroma?

Real Marseille soap is hard to come by which is why you need to indulge yourself with this aromatic blend of Fresh Verbena Liquid Marseille Soap! Combining all your favorite natural fragrances, including a gentle redolence of the Mediterranean Sea, this scented soap gently cleanses your hands, leaving them refreshingly soft, smooth and smelling delectably fragrant. Although we’ve established that this ambrosial scented soap blend is both delightful and odoriferous, there are more sweet-scented benefits to lathering with these balmy suds

  • It comes in a 16.9-ounce stylized glass bottle.
  • It’s authentic liquid Marseille soap
  • You can use it as an elegant accessory in your kitchen and bath.
  • The product is hypoallergenic and contains natural glycerin.
  • The product is free from any animal products or artificial coloring.
  • The real Marseille soap is made from a biodegradable formula as well as an eco-friendly recyclable glass dispenser.
  • The best part is this Mediterranean Sea, scented soap is available to refill separately. Try it out today!