Liquid Marseille Soap, Pink Grapefruit

Manufactured by: Compagnie de Provence
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This liquid Marseille soap is made in a cauldron according to tradition and gently cleanses the skin. Discover its scent of fresh fruit with notes of pink grapefruit bursting with sunshine, created in Grasse.

Pleasantly lively and uplifting, this grapefruit fragrance will awaken your senses in the morning and keep you refreshed throughout the day. A generous blend fresh citrus notes with touches of spearmint, geranium, thyme and orange blossom create this invigorating fragrance.

Indulge yourself with Pink Grapefruit Liquid Marseille Soap, which will gently cleanse your hands, leaving them refreshingly soft and smooth.
  • 16.9 ounce glass bottle

  • Authentic Liquid Marseille Soap

  • Elegant accessory for your kitchen and bath

  • Hypoallergenic and contains natural glycerin

  • Free from animal products and artificial colors

  • Biodegradable formula and eco-friendly recyclable glass dispenser

Refill available separately.