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Manufactured by: Malm
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Modern in design, this Malm Zircon Cone Fireplace radiates warmth and cheer into the room. Woodburning units are available in three sizes: 30 inch, 34 inch, and 38 inch. Gas units are available in 34 inch size.

Malm Zircon Cone Fireplace 30 inch unit features:
  • Available in colored porcelain or matte black
  • Lift-off screen
  • Two sections of 7x24" pipe
  • One section of 7x30" pipe
  • Six bags Malm refractory

Malm Zircon Cone Fireplace 34 inch unit features:
  • Available in colored porcelain, brushed stainless steel (suitable for outdoor use), or matte black
  • Lift-off screen
  • Two sections of 8x24" pipe
  • One section of 8x30" pipe
  • Eight bags Malm refractory

Malm Zircon Cone Fireplace 38 inch unit features:
  • Available in matte black only
  • Lift-off screen
  • Three sections of 9x24" pipe
  • One 9" to 10" adapter
  • Ten bags Malm refractory

Gas Malm Zircon Cone Fireplace 34" features:
  • 43,000 BTU input (36,000 Propane)
  • Requires 8" gas "B" vent
  • Includes matching pipe to 8' ceiling height
  • Safety pilot Piezo ignitor
  • Choice of natural or LP gas
  • Ceramic fiber logs with realistic glowing embers
  • Can be placed directly on carpet or wood floors

Malm Zircon Cone Fireplace Dimensions:
  • 30 inch unit: 31" high at top of body
  • 34 inch unit: 32.3" high at top of body
  • 38 inch unit: 36.5" high at top of body

Lead time: generally 6-8 weeks for matte black and powder coat, 10-12 weeks for porcelain


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  • Star Rating
    By PETER H. February 22, 2018
    Some websites carry so many choices that it takes hours to find the product you want. Digs made it easy. Order was placed with the manufacturer the same day I ordered from Digs. Fireplace arrived within the typical shipping window of 6-8 weeks in perfect condition. Mixed and laid the refractory and fireplace is good to go. Digs hooked it up